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Michael Bell, second generation fibrous plasterer at PL Bell Ltd (originally founded by his father Percy Lyall Bell), was told when starting out in 1950 that the craft of ornate plastering was a dying one.

Michael said “With good justification at the time, we saw a major boom in products being produced via machinery, leaving little space for hands on, individual craftsmanship.”

Today, however, demand for a high quality, unique look when building continues to drive a growing demand for intricate ornate plaster.

Waikato - A strong history of plasterglass manufacturing

The desire to provide high quality plaster products was the catalyst for plasterglass manufacturing in the Waikato.

Originally individual plastering businesses created their own ornate plaster work.  They soon realised this was an inefficient practice so in the 1980s, initially three plastering companies: PL Bell Ltd, Carter Brothers and Frankton Plastering and later Don MacDonald Plasterers and Ian Smith Plastering, came together and Plaster Supplies Ltd was developed to manufacture the different plaster molds and sheets.

Plasterglass Manufacturing Ltd

In 2015 Plasterglass Manufacturing Ltd (PML) evolved from Plaster Supplies.  Founded by Lyall Bell, third generation fibrous plasterer at PL Bell Plastering Ltd, it will continue to cultivate the traditions of plaster craftsmanship and interpret these for a modern market. 

At the factory, all of our decorative plaster products including plaster cornices, columns, decorative ceilings, ceiling domes, archways, plaster ceiling panels, decorative corbels, plaster fireplaces and heated ceiling panels are hand manufactured ensuring a quality product is built precisely in accordance with your requirements.


fibrous plaster manufacturing

With years of experience in the fibrous Plaster industry we have the expertise to produce high quality products right here in the Waikato.